"In The Mist Giving- Giving Voice to Silence "

A Book of Oregon's beauty - in picture and poem

"This book combines exquisite photographs capturing Oregon’s mist-clad landscapes, urban moments and enchanting coastline. Young’s "Painterly" images, along with their poetic responses, celebrate the ethereal wonder of the mist and the voice that emerges from silence. In The Mist binds together poetry and photography in a relationship in which one is not excluded from the other, but rather both are met and bound and emerge as a new wholeness—a wholeness seeking that which is hidden in the mist and that which is revealed: silence, memory, breath.”

All Poetry, the artist statement and the introduciton are © by the Poet and or the author. All photos © Russell J Young 503 235 3290. All Rights Reserved.
No image or poem may be used without express permission.